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T.A.T.Y. Crazy

Hug, Don't Hit!

Hug, Don't Hit!
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Hug, Don't Hit!(Thankyou to KATANDNEKO.CA)

First of all, I want to thank for this inspiration and information on the 'Hug, Don't Hit' canpaign against abuse. I also want to thank Kat for the banner. I have only recently found out that one of my new friends has been being hit by her parents. I felt very saddened by this at the thought of her getting hit because she got a few bad grades that could easily be fixed, and then I saw this on It made me feel happy that atleast SOMEONE was taking a stand against abuse and rape. Therefore, I have put this page on my site to hopefully make people see that abuse and rape is WRONG!!!!
Quote from Kathryn Williams of katandneko:

If you see a child crying, do you just turn your back and say it isn't your business? If you see a woman in a store with a black eye, do you just pass by and ignore her? People think I'm weird because I can't turn my back on anyone, no matter how much people try to make me. Yuri may only be a character in a show, but I felt for her. Instead of wanting to hit her I wanted to hug her. I found a few other people who felt the same so decided to make a way for people to show their support for Alien 9 and survivors of all forms of violent acts. If you want to help, then all you have to do is add one of the banners to your site. You can link it here if you like, but this is not a requirement. Just having the image up on your site means a lot.

I would like it if you have any kind of site of your own, if you could put a banner on that site. You can find the banners on this page:

Thankyou again!


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