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T.A.T.Y. Crazy
Hug, Don't Hit!
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T.A.T.U. Biographies

First Name: Elena Sergeevna
Last Name: Katina
Nationality: Russian
Date Of Birth: 4th October 1984
Gender: Female
Parents: Katin Sergey Vasilievich&Katina Inessa Vsevolodovna
Eye Color: Green-Grey
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Car: Audi
Favorite Flowers: Lillies
Favorite Drink:Orange Juice
Favorite Season: Spring, Summer. And generally at any time of the year in own way well.
Music Instruments able to play: Piano
Hobbies: Music, Billiards, ''I like to play in Amerikanka''. And recently something I began to collect matches.
Kind of Sports likes/plays: Badminton and Swimming
Favorite Movie at the Moment: The Matrix Reloaded

First Name: Yulia Olegovna
Last Name: Volkova
Nationality: Russian
Date Of Birth: 20th Febuary 1985
Gender: Female
Place Of Birth: Moscow
Parents: Volkov Oleg Viktorovich&Volkova Larisa Victorovna
Eye Color: Blue
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Car: BMW
Favorite Flowers: Roses
Favorite Drink: Tomato Juice
Favorite Season: Spring, Summer
Music Intruments Able To Play: Piano
Hobbies: Tennis, Bowling
Kind Of Sports: Tennis in general, I'm the sports girl!
Favorite Movie at the Moment: X Men 2

T.A.T.U. Crazy: T.A.T.U. Biographies